Strategic Planning Process

January 6, 2017 Letter/Flyer

State of the District Presentation

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Meeting #2 Outcomes

Meeting #3 Outcomes

Florham Park School District



Help us plan the future! Be part of an exciting process! Work with your neighbors, friends, teachers, students, and administrators to create a shared vision for the future of the Florham Park School District!

Using a dynamic process, guided by New Jersey School Boards Association, we will work together to develop the goals and objectives to move the district forward to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Our next meeting of the Strategic Planning process will take place on March 6th in the Ridgedale Middle School Auditorium. You will have an opportunity to provide input on theideal vision for the district 5 years from now. The final meeting date is: April 3rd.
Participation in any or all of our three meetings will be greatly appreciated.

The Board of Education hopes that you, the residents of Florham Park, will respond enthusiastically. Join us in creating the future for the Florham Park School District!

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