School Mission

The mission of the Briarwood Educational Community is to extend a comprehensive implementation challenging the students intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and aesthetically; to instill a sensitivity and respect for learning and in so doing for all of mankind's accomplishments. By developing each student's awareness and knowledge of themselves and the world around them we are bestowing upon them a legacy that will insure not only their potential as a human being, but also the future and fate of our society.

Briarwood's Building Objectives

Building Objectives
2013-14 Building Objectives 1 and 2

Briarwood's Goals for the 2014-1015 School Year

By June of 2014, 80% of general education students, K-2, will be reading independently at grade level benchmark according to the Developmental Reading Assessment 2 (DRA 2) and/or Lexile scores as indicated in i-Ready (Grade 2).

By June 2015, 80% of all general education students K-8 will demonstrate academic growth within the grade level in math as indicated by the psychometric design of the standardized assessment i-Ready.

By June 2014, 100% of full time teaching staff with active boards in their classroom will utilize the technology, as a teaching tool in the classroom as it relates to early childhood and primary education as evidenced through lesson plans and teacher observations.

By June 2015, Briarwood School will develop a Professional Learning Community model that will focus on the following: the power of the PLC, assessment for learning, common sense assessments, evaluating assessment quality, assessment for student motivation, assessing reasoning in the classroom, grading and reporting in standards based schools and student involved conferences.

By June 2014, 100% of all certified staff members will have an overall average score of proficient or greater based on Danielson's Model utilizing Teachscape for their teaching practices (Domains II & III).

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